Sunday, February 28, 2010

Almost Spring!

Hi everyone!

We have been taking lots of long walks around town recently, and it seems like spring is just around the corner. The last snows have come and then melted very quickly during the day. Although everything ices up at night, the next day it melts again! The Kalamazoo River is pretty much thawed out now, and geese have been heard honking above, traveling back into the area. We might get tricked again by the fickle weather, but we are looking optimistically ahead. Just today we saw daffodil and crocus shoots poking up out of the ground out of our garden. All these signs and the longer daylight hours is a sure sign that we are on the upswing. Even the black squirrels are running around again!

There are some events coming up soon in Saugatuck. The Saint Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday March 13, the Easter parade in Douglas on April 1, and the Town Crier 5 and 10 K race on April 10. Now we are really into spring!

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