Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and Welcome to the holiday season!

We hope that you had as great a Thanksgiving holiday as we did -- visiting family and friends, eating, talking, eating, taking lots of pictures, eating, etc. Our friends are in the Ann Arbor area, so we actually closed for a couple of days to drive out. Friends a and family are the greatest thing to have, so make sure that you all stay connected!

The holiday season is in full swing now, and Saugatuck is decorated up with lights all over the place, up and down Butler St, many side streets, in the parks, all over businesses and private homes, and Serendipity too! We have lights and greens up outside all our buildings, and just yesterday we put up our tree! Today we are decorating it with all our ornaments, some antique, some recent, but all have a special significance to us. We hope that you enjoy it if you come out and visit.

If you come out and visit us please ask us about our scones! They are a great addition to our yummy breakfast!

We are waiting for the snow, and we may very well get our first measurable amount this coming weekend!