Friday, October 30, 2009

Change of seasons!

We made it through our first busy summer season here in Saugatuck! Some of our old friends from our Ann Arbor origins came out to visit, and we we met many new guests from all over the state, the region, and the world. Vacationers from England, Germany, and Australia were the most distant countries, but we also had visits from guests living practically right next door in South Haven. Chicago was well-represented, as was Indiana and, of course, Michigan!

The change of season from summer to fall is very dramatic here, particularly the color change. The fall colors were spectacular here on the west coast of Michigan, with the red, yellow, and reddish-brown leaves of the maple, oaks, and other trees just bursting out, with the crystal blue sky as a background.

We have been amused by the large numbers of little black squirrels running around all over the place busily finding acorns digging holes all over the yard. We don't know if they are really burying the acorns or are just digging holes to find more. They are pretty fearless little animals, and will just sit there munching away only a few feet away.

The weather (everyone always wants to know about it) is very changeable now that the end of October has arrived. Weather fronts seem to roll through every other day or so, bringing either crystal clear skies, clouds or rain (it is raining and windy right now).

If you have visited Serendipity this year, or its prior incarnation (Mason St Suites) we enoourage you to leave a post about your experiences here and in Saugatuck and environs.

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